“What if Facebook is […] our brains?”

Inso, my 80 year-old friend, shared with me an article from the New York Times, titled “Facebook Conceded It Might Make You Feel Bad.”

“Simply broadcasting status updates wasn’t enough; people had to interact one-on-one with others in their network” to gain great personal benefits from the service, the post stated.

… the company noted, people who spend a lot of time “passively consuming” social feeds do tend to feel worse. What’s passive consumption? That’s when you just scroll, click on lots of links and “likes,” and post your own updates without really interacting with others in a deep way.
New York Times

Being connected online can be an amazingly powerful experience; but what if most of this connectedness is just imagined in our own heads, like in a bubble?

What makes us being human doesn’t necessarily make sense for the ego.
Meeting, interacting and opening up in person, one-on-one is what I want to experience at Wave Street Studios, online and offline.

A real space in which meaningful connections and projects can unfold in an respectful atmosphere that nurtures and inspires.

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